Creative Professional


Spirax Sarco

So I have officially taken a fixed term position at Spirax Sarco, for the next year, as a Graphic Designer.

I am very excited to learn about how such a global business manages to maintain a consistent identity within so many territories and understand better how a corporate office dynamic harnesses creativity.

Working within stricter guidelines will also be a welcome challenge, and hopefully I can help develop the identity further to help the business grow, while furthering my own experience in branding.

From my initial few days spent getting to know my team and the business, I'm already enjoying it a lot. Great people, and so many positives about working for the company that I have heard about.

Getting back into a routine has been a surprisingly easier transition than I thought, after the flexibility that freelance offers. Plus I'm already picking up on how other brands I'm interacting day-to-day with, are designing their own media to project the desired identity to their target markets too, which is a great sign that my creative brain is becoming engaged to it's entirety once again! (Something I find freelancing can hinder at times).

Wish me luck, and thanks to the team at Blue Skies for recommending I applied for the position.