Just start already... / by Marcus Lange

A career spent in branding means I am always creating concepts and thinking of ways to create visual connections. Concepts are just that however, an idea or thought of how something 'could be'.

Having spent the last year attempting to a balance between freelance clients and my full time job, I often found myself burnt out with stress and pressure. (Even though I consider pressure to be where my best work happens).

So I spent a lot of time thinking about how my time could be best used, rearranging my responsibilities in my head, re-structuring my workloads, dividing up my free time in various ways. But essentially all I achieved was two or three concepts of what my career could look like... what 'could be'.

I read a tweet recently that said something along the lines of: when we think about time travel, we worry over changing any small detail in case it changes history, yet we rarely believe that changing one small thing today could affect the future.

After enjoying all the 'Mind.Blown.' reactions and GIFs of the twittersphere, I couldn't help but agree. I just need to start doing and stop thinking about how I do it.

• • •