A renewed creative pursuit / by Marcus Lange

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.14.41.png

So this year I have decided to pursue my photography with more conviction. Having a creative family always inspires me to create in various mediums, but throughout my career the one consistent interest I've always had is photography. (I spend a lot of my spare time watching Peter McKinnon videos).

I have upgraded to a Canon 200D - a beginner DSLR by all accounts, but a very capable, light piece of kit (one which opens up my lens options somewhat too!)

So to kick off, a few weeks back I spent the morning in the studio with my sister, while she did some work on her Masters degree. The perfect opportunity to start snapping...

I am super impressed with the kit lens features of the 200D, it's incredibly versatile and I can't wait to get some more glass in my collection!